About M. Communications

M. Communications was established by technologists and prison service veterans. We created FreePhone - secured and monitored phone system for inmates, which may include additional secured systems such as face recognition, cellular jammers, vehicle scanners and more - all tailored for the specific needs of prison services. All systems and services are provided with great care and support throughout the life of the project. This enables us to deliver a high quality solutions that work, and ensure a satisfying use of the systems. We're sensitive to your security needs, so all the data is encrypted and stays inside the country. All systems and services are provided at no cost to the prison service, ever.

All aspects of a project are provided in-house from start to finish - including customization, design, installations, training and support. The only source of revenue is credit top-up for phones by inmates and families. Calls are provided at low costs. This creates a win-win situation, so everyone enjoys the advantages: The prison service receives a wide set of tools for control, monitoring intelligence gathering and automation of daily routines, and the inmates enjoy low-cost, legal phones which improve their connection with home and reduce stress. Contact us for a free demo in your prisons.

Scope Of Operation
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We can install devices in one or two prisons in your country for Pilot and testing.