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How to Use

Q: Is FreePhone cheaper than using standard phone cards?

A: Yes, by more than 50%. Our low cost services guarantee great savings in costs. Furthermore, the cost of calls is calculated by the second, not by a phone card "Pulse".

Q: How do I join FreePhone services?

A: The Prison Service issues a personal User Number to the inmate. The inmate uses the User Number to access the FreePhone system and make calls, according to the calling instructions written on the phones.

Q: How to I charge credit to a FreePhone account?

A: You can deposit money in any branch of the Post Office, or pay with Credit Card by Clicking Here.

Q: How do I leave a voicemail message?

A: Call to the local FreePhone access number for families and follow the instructions of the automatic system.

Q: How do I contact Customer Support?

A: FreePhone Customer Support center operates on work days between 09:00 and 18:00. Call to the local FreePhone access number for families, and a FreePhone representative will answer as soon as possible.