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FreePhone - Advanced, secure, tailor-made Telephony solution for Prison Services

  • Improves the welfare of prisoners and families, saves money and helps rehabilitation.
  • Saves staff-hours, resources and energy for the prison service -which can be directed to other tasks - thus saving a lot of money.
  • Provides powerful information and surveillance tools for the prison service.
  • FreePhone is completely free for the prison service.


FreePhone is tailor-made for each prison service, to provide the best solution and abilities.


FreePhone is 100% secure, and operates according to the law.


Powerful tools give the prison service incredible monitoring, control, reporting and surveillance abilities. Real-time data and reports are always accessible to authorized personnel with an Administration System.


FreePhone saves money for the prisoners and families, and enables better communications between the prisoners and their families, which reduces stress and aggression in prisons.


We open a local company in every country we operate, and hire local customer support staff, local technicians and pay taxes to the country.

Scope Of Operation